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Past Champions:

Results for 2012-2013:


Girls’ Singles

Sarah Benoit (St.Mike’s)
Johanna Fee (SG)
Boys’ Singles

Vince Warren (GSS)
Jeremy MacDonald (SG)
Girls’ Doubles

Celine Hardy and Nwadi Eken (St. Mary) – acclaimed
Boys’ Doubles

 Logan Shannon and Turner Birnie (SG)
Kenny Ingram and BJ Campbell (SG)
Mixed Doubles

Joshua Watters and Katie Sands (St. Mike’s) acclaimed

Girls’ Singles

Allena Simpson (BCI)
Casey Mainse (GSS)
Boys’ Singles

Eric Thibodeau (St. Mike’s)
Andrew Neubauer (NG)
Girls’ Doubles

Allysha Malcomnson and Michaela Gummer (SG)
Meaghan Hart and Claudia Laforty (BCI)
Boys’ Doubles

Todd Fawcett and John Kalivas (BCI)
Kyle Szeto and Alex Stephenson (SG)
Mixed Doubles

Dakota Thompson and Charlotte McParland (BCI)
Chuck Thompson and Kristen Larone (NG)

Results for 2013-2014:

Girls’ Singles            1.  S. Benoit (St. Mike’s)

Boys’ Singles           1.  M. Anderson (GSS)
2.  R. Clarke-Howes (GSS)

Girls’ Doubles           1.  L. Norenburg & A. Kingsbury (St. Mike’s)
2.  S. Rainey & E. Visser (South Grenville)

Boys’ Doubles          1.  M. Rainey & T. Knapp (South Grenville)
2.  D. Visser & N. Visser (South Grenville)

Mixed Doubles         1.  E. Sutton & J. Shannon (South Grenville)


Girls’ Singles                        1.  Patricia Warren (GSS)
2.  Sarah Verhulst (GSS)

Boys’ Singles           1.  J. Brown (TISS)
2.  L. Shannon (South Grenville)

Girls’ Doubles           1.  B. Brown & L. VanKoppen (St.Mike’s)
2.  C. Laforty & M. Hart (BCI)

Boys’ Doubles          1.  E. Bellefontaine & G. Kasczkowski (St. Mike’s)
2.  S. McKend & C. Defayette (BCI)

Mixed Doubles         1.  J. Keating & J. Watters (St. Mike’s)
2.  C. Maines & V. Warren (GSS)

Results for 2014-2015

*St. Mary for most points

Results for 2015-2016